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Vol 2 of the leading UK music and movement CDs for young children



21 action packed songs and rhymes for fun and fitness sessions. Songs include Can You Run As Fast As Me (very active), How Does A Butterfly Go (learn how mini beasts move) and The Bean Bag Song (develop manipulation skills with a bean bag or sock!)

• develops movement skills
• develops imagination

• develops listening skills
• with comprehensive user guide



“I've worked in pre-school education for over 20 years and Work Out is the very best fitness/fun cd I've ever used. And boy does it get the blood pumping! It's an absolute must for teachers and parents.”
Martin O’Connor, Online Review

WORK OUT! with the Sticky Kids

  • Comes in a large size DVD style box and CD booklet which contains lyrics and suggestions for using the songs with groups of children


    21 classic songs and rhymes

    The Sticky Kids Song  
    Let's Work Out  
    Rhyme - Here are my Hands  
    Bean Bag Song  
    Rhyme - Sitting Rhyme  
    How does a Butterfly Go?  
    Rhyme - I feel Tip Top  
    Clap Hands  
    Rhyme - 2 Little Hands  
    Can You Run as Fast as Me?
    Tap Your Head  
    Hold Hands and Make a Ring  
    Rhyme - Tall as a House  
    Toy Box Song  
    Rhyme - Round and Round the Garden  
    Move them Bones  
    Rhyme - Take One  
    Seaside Song  
    Rhyme - The Roundabout  
    Action Song  
    Rhyme - The Giant Says  
    Instrumental (She'll be coming round the mountain)

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