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Sticky Kids

The UK's leading provider of pre-school music and movement CDs, songs and actions to keep our toddlers fit and healthy

Photo Sticky Kids Founder

Anne Butler, founder

We take children's music seriously and that's why Sticky Kids music CDs have been used in nurseries, schools and playgroups for over 40 years.

If you’ve used Sticky Kids, then you’ll know that it’s probably the only music and movement resource that you’ll ever need. Our CDs are a comprehensive learning resource for early years and will help you achieve the goals for physical education set out by Early Years curriculum requirements, including the ABC of learning - A for Action, B for Balance and C for Co-ordination - as well as language skills, listening skills, days of the week and much more.

More than anything, they are great fun and children love the music we make.

We hope soon to be able to create downloadable versions of our songs and CDs. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when they are available.

In the meantime you can find us on Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube and we have a Spotify Radio Channel - just click on the links

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What Our Customers Think

“The children at my nursery absolutely love this cd, so much in fact they have worn it out almost completely. All the children love dancing to this cd and know all the words and the order of the songs - it never gets old and gives children a fun exercising activity - well done sticky kids!!!!! ”

Rachel, Nursery Teacher

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