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About Sticky Kids

"We take music for young children seriously"

About Sticky Kids

Sticky Kids has been making music for young children for almost 40 years. Starting with our first cassette tape, made in a loft in Bristol, we have grown to be the UK market leader in music and movement resources for young children and our music is used in nurseries, playgroups and schools across the country. If you’ve used Sticky Kids you’ll already know that it’s probably the only music and movement resource that you’ll ever need.

We believe that young children are discerning listeners - why should the music they listen to be poorly and cheaply produced? That's why all of our CD's are produced to the highest quality, using professional musicians and writers. And the actions and movements to songs have been developed working with pre-school gym specialists who know what young children are capable of and how quickly they are able to perform actions. Our children deserve the best!​​​

Sticky Kids is best known for our Music and Movement CDs - Warm Up! (still our best seller), Work Out!, Bend and Stretch!, Wiggle and Jiggle! and Go for Gold!

We have also created CDs around popular themes like

  • travel (In the Car - one parent told us it had been played so often on car journeys they threw the cassette out of the car window! Warning! - your children will want to play it over and over and over ...); 

  • food and nature (Munch and Crunch)

  • the big wide world around us (Around the World) with songs and rhymes in different languages

  • feelings and emotions (Fabby-Dabby-Dee), on which we collaborated with Fischy Music

  • the alphabet (A-B-C)

  • seasons of the year with music for the autumn (Rattle and Shake) and winter (Christmas Party)

We love hearing from our customers, so please feel free to email us with suggestions. We are planning a new collection about nature and going green some time in 2023.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with plans (we won't mail you too often, only when we have some news or special offers).

Drawing children exercising
photo child dancing

What our customers say

“I've worked in pre-school education for over 20 years and Work Out is the very best fitness/fun cd I've ever used. And boy does it get the blood pumping! It's an absolute must for teachers and parents.”
Martin O’Connor, Pre-School Educator

“The children at my nursery absolutely love this cd, so much in fact they have worn it out almost completely. All the children love dancing to this cd and know all the words and the order of the songs - it never gets old and gives children a fun exercising activity - well done sticky kids!!!!! ”
Rachel, Nursery Teacher

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