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A CD of action songs for young children

With a focus on food and healthy eating


On "Munch and Crunch" Sticky Kids songs offer another delicious ingredient: a tasty message about healthy eating! The kids will be asking for more, more, more…. Yummy! 26 songs and rhymes


• develops many movement skills

• songs to help establish a healthy lifestyle

• food rhymes to learn and enjoy

• user guide included


"One of the most enjoyable activities of our group is Sticky Kids time!”
Mrs Labron, Online Review

MUNCH & CRUNCH! with the Sticky Kids

  • Comes in a large size DVD style box and CD booklet which contains lyrics and suggestions for using the songs with groups of children

    26 songs for young children

    • Sticky Kids Song
    • Rhyme - Munch and Crunch
    • Fruit & Veggies  
    • Rhyme - Healthy alphabet
    • Breakfast Boogie  
    • Rhyme - Tom Tomato
    • Five Juicy Plums  
    • Rhyme - Peter Piper
    • Supermarket Song  
    • Rhyme - Peanut Butter
    • Bean Song  
    • Rhyme - I eat my peas
    • Bread and Honey  
    • Rhyme - Apple for my tea
    • Apples and bananas  
    • Rhyme - Greenhouse
    • Jelly on a plate  
    • Rhyme - Raspberries are red
    • Leafy Green  
    • Rhyme - Little Jack Horner
    • Lentil Soup  
    • Rhyme - One Potato, Two Potato
    • Oats and beans and barley grow  
    • Rhyme - Pancake
    • I sent her for bread  
    • Rhyme - Peter, Peter sweetie eater
    • YUCK!
  • Buy with confidence. If your CDs are damaged or faulty, simply return your order within 14 days for an exchange or a full refund

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