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Vol 3 of the leading UK music and movement CDs for young children



Includes 16 songs for physical development, listening skills and developing the imagination. Includes Funky Monkey (a big favourite). Zooming To The Moon, Stir Up The Porridge and Old Macdonald (the animal action version).

• develops co-ordination and balance

• songs using small apparatus

• develops imagination

• with comprehensive user guide



“This is a great way for the kids and the educator to join in and have some fun rather than reading stories and singing songs all the time. I work in private nursery working with 2-3 year olds and they think this fantastic. I can never get them to sit down after it.”
Louise Kettles, Online Review

BEND & STRETCH! with the Sticky Kids

  • Comes in a large size DVD style box and CD booklet which contains lyrics and suggestions for using the songs with groups of children


    16classic songs and rhymes

    • Sticky Kids Song  
    • Funky Monkey  
    • Old MacDonald  
    • Wash your Dirty Hands  
    • Let's Go Walking  
    • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes  
    • Bend and Stretch  
    • We're Going to Jump  
    • Floating  
    • Marching Teddies  
    • Dinosaurs  
    • Fold Your Arms  
    • Zooming to the Moon  
    • Stir up the Porridge  
    • One Two Three  
    • Cool Down
  • Buy with confidence. If your CDs are damaged or faulty, simply return your order within 14 days for an exchange or a full refund

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