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A CD of 13 international action songs for young children

With a focus on the world


International songs and rhymes to bring the world closer to home and to increase children’s awareness of our multi-cultural world.
Song introductions give a short insight into each country. Songs and rhymes from France, China, Africa, Italy, Scotland (Gaelic), England, Ireland, Israel, America and India.


“A lovely collection of catchy songs from around the world. A relaxed way of giving children an interest in other languages. before long, the children and adults alike will find themselves singing along, even when the album is no longer playing. ”
Melissa Pepin, Online Review

AROUND THE WORLD! with the Sticky Kids

  • Comes in a large size DVD style box and CD booklet which contains lyrics and suggestions for using the songs with groups of children

    13 songs and rhymes for young children

    • Sticky Kids Song Cockles & Mussels (Ireland)
    • Frere Jaques (France)
    • Savez-vous planter les choux(France)
    • Yed Yi Sam (China)
    • Ik Do Tin (India)
    • Tree in the Wood (England)
    • Giro Giro Tondo (Italy)
    • Jim Along Josie (USA)
    • Moja Mbili Tatu (Kenya)
    • Brochan Lom (Scotland)(+ instrumental version)
    • Hevenu Shalom (Israel)
    • Hush Little Baby (USA)
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